This is truly inspirational for those of us trying to carry a loved-ones memory with us.

The Amateur Hobbyist

In January of 2007, Mandy and I came up with a brilliant idea to start a blog in which a single mom in a small town (her) and a single waitress in a big city (me) would discuss books, movies, restaurants, and probably life. If this sounds like a bunch of other existing blogs, remember that this was way back in 2007. We were just getting over livejournal, but we were still heavy into myspace. There were no such thing as mommy blogs, and people still typed the word blog like ‘blog to remind readers that it was short for weblog.  Point is, two chicks blogging about their opinions was a super novel idea for the internet days of yore. But we never got a chance to translate all this talk to ‘bpage.

Five years ago today, Mandy died in a car accident. The very least of what the future…

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